Working with Kathy has been a LIFESAVER not only for my business but for me. She manages my projects and keeps me on task. I don’t know how but she makes it look effortless! So grateful I found her.
— Lisa B. _Coach
I know we haven’t worked together that long, but I want to say thank you! You’ve already relieved my stress and helped me get so organized. I already feel so much better.
— C. Caron_Coach
Kathy is top notch on everything that she does. Kathy is an tremendous asset!
— Lowell B. Sr. Director
I would highly recommend Kathy! She is a highly professional and skilled individual. Kathy has managed many events and training’s within the organization. Kathy is the “go to” person for answers on issues. Kathy is a wonderful problem solver. She works extremely hard to go the extra mile always with a smile.
— Julie H. - STRS
I have had several opportunities to work with Kathy. She is amazing! I would highly recommend her to any company looking for someone that is detailed orientated, organized, and efficient. She has been such a joy to work with.
— Jennifer R., R.N.,BSN
Kathy worked magic on my business. I have to confess, I really thought I had it all together. But, Kathy put systems in place that saved me so much time and money. Can’t imagine my business without her!
— Loretta B. - Instructor