Kathy Bartoga, KMB Virtual Solutions

I'm the girl that LOVES seeing YOUR SUCCESS!

You started your business with passion but find you are bogged down with tasks that are consuming your valuable time.

Do you wish you had a behind-the-scenes person to help manage your business?

And that’s where THIS girl comes in!

Hi There! I am Kathy Bartoga, your Virtual Consultant helping you rediscover your baby, your love, also known as your business! Let’s work together to get the excitement back you felt when you were just beginning your business and not overwhelmed with all the tasks necessary to be a successful business owner.

Your “creative mess” is my specialty!

With over 18 years' experience in corporate environments, I understand the necessity of having that one go-to person you can trust knowing without hesitation they will get the job done.

As your Virtual Consultant, I can help you save hours in your work day. I can alleviate your stress, overwhelm and frustration, allowing you to start working on your revenue-generating tasks instead.

It's your business, but my passion is to continue your success!

I will help you save valuable time, save money and be more effective in running your business by partnering strategically with you.